Company Profile

Company name
June 1, 1995
17,500,000 Baht
Mr. Keiichi Matsutani
Number of employee

Main Business

Development, production and sale of industrial lubricants.
Main target
  • Automotive and motorcycle industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Die casting process
  • Metal working process
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Vision & Concept

  • We supply best quality product to Thailand and surrounding countries constantly.
  • We proceed International business as a member of MORESCO group.
  • R&D and supply center of MORESCO products for Asian market.

Action Precept

  • We carry the banner for "Best Quality for The Customer" and improve customer satisfaction.
  • We improve quality of product, capacity of equipment and quality of service, such as company never give away for customers.
  • We educate a staff who put own idea into every action.
  • We make working circumstances for making mutual communication easily.

Keynote for Management

  • We drive for No. 1 market share at die-casting lubricant's field in Thailand and surrounded countries.
  • We build certain post at cutting fluid's market in Thailand and surrounded countries and continue to develop horizontally.
  • We develop horizontally shooting for a global company.
  • Be to R&D and supply center for products of MORESCO in Asian countries.
  • We educate a person who has international sense for our future.

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