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HYDOL WAY is superior slide way lubricant for machine tool to reduce stick-slip, protect friction and corrosion and eliminate staining problem. Usage of HYDOL WAY for slide way of machine tool, die cast machine, injection machine and so on.
HYDOL EP series are extreme pressure gear oils, which based on selected pure mineral oil in combination with the additives to improve anti-wear property, rust and corrosion privention, anti-foam property and oxidation resistance.
Slide way lubricants
Viscosity mm2/s(40℃) Flash point ℃ Pour point ℃
HYDOL WAY-32X 32 > 200 -15
HYDOL WAY-46X 46 > 200 -15
HYDOL WAY-68X 68 > 230 -15
HYDOL WAY-220X 220 > 250 -10

Extream pressure gear oil
Viscosity mm2/s(40℃) Flash point ℃ Pour point ℃
HYDOL EP-150 150 240 -10
HYDOL EP-220 220 250 -5
HYDOL EP-320 320 260 -5
HYDOL EP-460 460 260 -5

*We have other viscosity grade products.
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